Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jodi Picoult contest

If you get a chance you have to pick up a book by this author. She like to
write on controversial topics. I have read one her books that was made into
a T.V. movie, "My Sister's Keeper." Definitely a two hanky read.
I wanted to let you know about a contest going on at Heather's blog
Book Addiction. You can win
a new Picoult title, "Change of Heart" which has gotten great reviews.
Good luck and let me know if you win!


Linda said...

Hi Joy, I've never read Jodi Picoult....I'm going to have to put her on my to read list.

I had a a little catching up to do. Love your yard pictures...and what neat birdhouses. I like them too...there is just something about them that appeals to me.

Sounds like you had a happy mother's too. Pretty platter and it looks lovely on your hutch and your cannisters are just gorgeous, I especially like the base they sit in....are those longaberger baskets I see?

Have a nice evening...hugs, Linda

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Joy,
I haven't read this author either, although I have seen a bunch of her books at Walmart not too long ago...I will have to try her out! Will have to look at Goodwill for some of her titles...
Hope your having a great week so far!
Bless you,
Donna Lynn

Dina said...

Hi Joy,

I've been so busy this week,I just saw your post. Thanks for the contest update. I posted that you told me about it. :)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hi Joy, glad you stopped by! I"m a big book fan too, can't have enough I say! Thanks for sharing the contest with us, off to enter now!

Booklogged said...

Thanks for sharing news about the contest. I love Jodi Picoult. She always make me think and challenge my opinions.

Terri and Bob said...

I love Jodi! Her books always make you think...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It is fun to meet "local" people!

Anonymous said...

Never read that. Sounds like I would like it.

Karla said...

Thanks for the heads-up!