Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've been tagged!

Hi there! I've been tagged by Kim's Treasures!
I am to answer the following questions. So here goes...

Where have you traveled? Canada, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona ..I am probably forgetting someplace.

Where would you like to live? I have just gotten my house to where I really like it so I want to stay here. Plus I haved moved 4 times and don't really want to go thru the trauma again.

What is your decorating style? Well mostly country, some cottage and a bit of this and that.

How many times have you been married? One time, almost 22 years in Sept..~

Favorite color: shades of blue, yellow, peach and white

What is your proudest accomplishment? 2 going into his second year of college and
one starting her senior year of high school this fall.

What would we be absolutely shocked to learn about you? That I am sort of technically challenged. Half the time I can't get the remote to work my T.V.

This is who I picked to tag...hope they don't mind!

Happyone at The Captain's Log and

Darlene at Darlene's Days...

have fun ladies!


Connie said...

And just what is wrong with being technically challenged with a tv, library chickee, hmmmmmmmm?!?! I have 5 computers here at our house "FOR FUN"! But I CANNOT REPEAT CANNOT turn on a tv in a motel. We have one in a box here that the kids bought us for when they visit. But I kid you NOT I couldn't figure out how to watch one in the motel room last week! And we do NOT watch the one in the box! Soooo do NOT feel bad, sweetpea!

Kim's Treasures said...

You did great! I love reading everyone's answers! Glad you could play!

Darlene said...

Hi Joy,

What an honor for you to tag me. I played along and posted my answers. It was fun!!


Yolanda said...

I so love to read too. Glad to have found your blog.

A Hint of Home said...

I'm challenged in the same ways.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments.
Have a good weekend.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I enjoyed reading your answers. You sure have travelled to a lot of different states. I have moved a number of times too and I intend to just stay put for a good long time!

Grammy Staffy said...

It is fun learning more about you.