Sunday, August 24, 2008

Puzzle Time!

While my daughter was recuperating from having her tonsils out I bought her
these two puzzles. After she finished them, we put a glue glaze on them and put them
in poster frames. She has done several of these and she displays them in
her room. She is a big "I love Lucy" fan and of course loves Johnny Depp! The one
of Johnny is a photomosaic and that is why it looks a little blurry. I also got her the latest
in the Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn. Of course she loved it! Now
that school as started and she is in her senior year she will not have time for things like
this so it was good she had something to keep her busy those last weeks before school
I was reading Wanda Brunstetter's the third in the Amish series, Sisters of Holmes County.
I really enjoy her stories and this series went really fast too. I don't seem to be reading as
fast as I normally do and this book will only be my 60th book for the year. I have a goal of


Jessica said...

Hi Joy~

I am so glad you came by! I am also an avid reader but not as ambitious as you are, what a fantastic goal you have. I know you will be able to reach it. :)The puzzle turned out great, my daughter would faint over that one. I hope to hear from you again soon.
Take care~ Jessica

Grammy Staffy said...

What nice things you got for your daughter to do while recovering.

I hope that she is feeling well by now.

I always have a book or two that I am reading. I've never counted but I doubt if I read more than 2 a month.... I thought that was doing pretty good... but 6o... or a 100... WOW!!!!!

Rue said...

Hi Joy :)

This makes me want to do a puzzle! Great for the Fall season coming up, don't you think?


A Hint of Home said...

After all the time to do a puzzle, that's a good idea to put them in a frame.

Mary / Mariah said...

I love reading Wanda Brunstetter's Amish books and other Amish books I've come to love so much . I'm reading one of Beverly Lewis's book right now . The Redemption Of Sarah Cain . I saw the movie on TV some time back . Loved it .
Please stop in to pick up your Aword , love your Blog .

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Joy, What a great thing to do with your daughter. I haven't done a puzzle in years. I may have to give it a try!! Thanks for the well wishes. Hugs, Terrie

Linda said...

You've put me in the puzzle mood. We love doing them...but I'm not the best. The pieces just seem to jump out for my DH and daughter...they do 90% and I do 10%:). Both your reads sounds good. I'm reading a light mystery now and enjoying it. Hugs, Linda

Mary / Mariah said...

Thanks for coming to see my deck , your so kind . Mary

Vickie said...

Thanks for stopping by. You seem to be a girl after my own heart. I LOVE teapots and reading Christian Historical Fiction as well.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Joy!

I just went to visit a lady from my church today and she was doing a puzzle! She said she always has one out to do and enjoyed putting them together! I am sure when it comes to your daughters birthday or Christmas time, it is easy to buy for her!

Have a blessed and safe weekend!


Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Joy! I love reading Amish stories, so thank you for sharing this author! I am holding a give away over at my blog and hope you get a chance to enter. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Lavinia said...

I like doing puzzles over the Christmas holidays. Nice variety in this post.