Monday, October 13, 2008

My Favorite Things Monday!

Sarah from Everyday Elegance has invited me to "My Favorite Things Monday" inspired by the Sound of Music! I haven't had a lot of time for posting lately. First we all went through
sinus infections and now my seventeen year old, Stephanie is home sick with a stomach
virus. Poor girl! So I thought I would make this post about her. She is one of my favorite
things. She is such a good student and sweet person. She has so many friends and helps
so many people when they need it too. She plays the clarinet and is in the High School Marching band which is doing well this year in their competitions. She is a senior this year and is at the stage of her life where she has to pick colleges and make career choices. Sometimes it can be very stressful for her and I know she is having a hard time deciding what to do. So keep her in
your prayers that the answers come and that she feels better very soon!


Sarah C. said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear she is sick. I can remember that time in my life......quite stressful. Thank you for sharing your favorite thing with us!

miss gracies house said...

It *IS* a hard time in life-everyone asking doesn't help either. I hope she feels better soon. I loved your sister's "generation" wall-that is a great idea!

Linda said...

What a sweet daughter you have. She has so many good things going for her she will make the right decisions....I wish her the best in her new adventures. I hope she feels better soon. Hugs, Linda

Kathy said...

Your Stephanie is a doll. She sounds like a wonderful girl too.
I enjoyed your favorite thing post!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Joy!

Sarah is a beautiful, talented young woman and has a lot of good things going for her! Hope she feels better sonn.


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

What an adorable girl & I'm sure you are so proud of her! Senior year is a tough one & it's always so hard to believe they're almost grown when they reach that year of their lives! I hope she's feeling lots better today!

Rue said...

Hi Joy :)

I hope your daughter feels better now. She's beautiful!!


Jewelgirl said...

You are so right a daughter is a
joy! I hope everyone feels better,
those virus's just come on so quick!
Your daughter is amazing, we need
more young people like her!!!

Dina said...

Hi Joy,

Thanks for stopping by and offering your hugs.

I hope your daughter Stephanie gets better, she is very beautiful!