Friday, November 21, 2008

Try the mantel photo's again..

Blogger is being mean, not letting me post pictures so let me try again. Well it worked that
time. On the middle one I love how they decorated the inside of the fireplace. I have
seen these huge ornaments at Michaels. I may have to use my coupon this week to buy
a couple! When I get my decorating finished I will post a picture of my mantel.
We usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving or at least that weekend. When do you
decorate? Do you have something you put up first?



Hi Joy,
I am going to work on my mantle this weekend. I have my MANY box out of Christmas decorations and will see what "look" I want...sure does take some time to decorate, doesn't it??
Have a great weekend.

A Hint of Home said...

Pretty mantles. I hope to get some decorations out this weekend and work on more next week.
Can't wait to see your when they're done.

Sunday Girl said...

Hi Joy,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying reading yours, I love the pictures you've posted. I am an avid reader as well, a regular book junkie. I like your "shelfari" display, cool. What a cool job you have, I always wanted to work at a library. Come back and visit.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Those mantels are all beautiful! I really like the one you pointed out, with the oversized ornaments in the fireplace! Neat!


Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

What great mantel ideas! Thanks for sharing!

We never decorate before Thanksgiving at the very earliest. And I'm finding that I actually like to wait until just a couple of weeks before Christmas to get everything out, and then take it down again by New Year's. Otherwise I get tired of it.

Grammy Staffy said...

Hello Joy,
I can't wait to see your home when it is all decorated. Like you, I usually decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. My Utah kids usually come to CA and have Thanksgiving with us. My daughters and grandchildren help me take down the fall decorations and put the the Christmas things. However, my kids are not coming this year so I've had to make different plans. I will explain it all in a future post.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Joy, beautiful mantels! I love the third most especially, but the second is so elegant with the large ornaments and the tall candles.

I have a prize to award to you today...come read about the particulars.

Anonymous said...