Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Decorating from Flea Market and Garage Sale finds!

I was reading the Better Homes and Gardens Web page and came across
a cute slide show of Flea Market finds and how people can decorate
so nicely with them.
My hubby and I have been going to a lot of Garage Sales picking up
things for my son who is renting an apartment this fall at college.
So far we have bought, a new table and chair set ($50),
two end tables($6), a George Forman Grill ($5)and a microwave ($5).
We were also given, a futon, a dresser and some silverware from
family members.
Plus I always seem to find little odds and ends for our house.
Like I need more stuff :)
Here are few of the pictures I found that I really liked on Better Homes
and Gardens


Diane said...

WOW you have a decorating knack. Great looking stuff too.

Linda said...

Hi Joy, I can hardly resist garage never know what you'll find and generally at a good prices, you've been finding great things.
Neat decorating pictures. I have that exact birdcage and I would never come up with that clever idea.....plates, too cute...hugs, Linda

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Joy, what wonderful things....oooooooo! I love them all.


Grammy Staffy said...

It sounds like you got some great deals for your son. Garage sales are the way to go for a first apt. That is what we did years ago when we got married. We still have one supper deal we got.... We got a cherry wood dinning room table, 2 leaf extentions, table protection mats,6 chairs, and a full china cabinet hutch for $200. At the time (1967)that seemed like a lot for our budget and we almost didn't buy it. It is a good thing we did. When we got it home we found out it was worth $2500 which was a fortune to us. We have enjoyed it all these years and been happy about our bargain that we almost didn't get.

Have a great week and happy bargain hunting.

Southern Aspirations said...

Gorgeous photos! I especially am fond of he antique bottles.

Pay@Back Porch Musings said...

Sounds like you've been having some good luck at the sales, Joy.

I love the BH&G photos! Lots of inspiration!