Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bloggy Award!

Thanks to Esme, at CHOCOLATE & CROISSANTS gave me this award.
I am suposed to list 10 things about myself that I am being honest about.
So here goes..
1. I love to read...guess you know that.
2. I am a chocolate addict.
3. It took me three try's to get my drivers license.
4. I am a homebody.
5. I am a blog addict.
6. I am also a facebook games addict.
7. I hate exercise except for walking.
8. I love my job!
9. I have never gotten a speeding ticket (maybe I should not have said that).
10. I try but I am not a great cook.

Now who to pass this on to..
Dina at Dina's Thoughts
Laurie at Lauries Laudanum
Barbara at Happily Forever After
Picket at Pickets Place
Maria at Fantasy Ink


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the award, Joy! Congrats on yours :) I enjoyed reading your answers.

Esme said...

From Chocolate addict to another-love it.


Hi Joy,
I'm an chocolate addict also :)
Fun info about you.
I picked 2 names for my giveaway and you are please email with your address. I have something just for YOU!
Happy Thanksgiving.
Deb :)

Dina said...

Thanks Joy, nice to learn more about you, this is an interesting award, lol. Off to post mine too. :) Happy thanksgiving too.