Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Books I read in October!

Sierra Bride by Jenna Kernan
4 out of 5
Burn by Linda Howard
4 out of 5
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
4.5 out of 5
Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
#2 in House of Night series
4.5 out of 5
Benny and Shrimp by Mazetti, Katarina
3.75 out of 5
Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo
4.5 out of 5
Living Dead in Dallas ( CD) Charlaine Harris
4 out of 5
The Bride Backfire by Kelly Eileen Hake
3.75 out of 5
The Chosen by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast
4.5 out of 5

I would say my favorite for the month was Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo and I have heard that this will be made into a series too. Also The Last Song by Nicholas
Sparks was really a good book and I heard rumors of a film for this one.
So what is on your list for this month?
Do you like cookbooks? I found a couple at the library that had some really great recipes in them. I really like Wanda E. Brunstetter's Amish Friends Cookbook
Volume two. Not only does it have recipes in it but it has the history of some
of the Amish communities where the recipes originated from and pictures too.
It has a five star rating on Amazon and would make a great christmas gift.


Tara said...

So glad to happen upon your list--the best reads come from a friend's direction!

Country Dreaming said...

Love cookbooks-I think my husband would diown me it I brought another one home. :)