Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Did you get something special for Valentines? My dh is making my supper
and he got me a gift card to Michaels, one of my favorite places to shop.
Speaking of valentines, what kind of candy do you like?
Here is a little quiz too.

You Are Balanced and Organized

Your life is not as clean and tidy as you'd like it to be, but you're able to make sense of the chaos.

You don't get overwhelmed easily, and you are able to deal with stress in an efficient manner.

You are responsible and together. You can handle what comes your way, and you actually enjoy surprises.

You know how to let loose and have fun, but you also work hard when the time is right. You're all about balance!


Diane said...

These are fun....According to this one, I am:

You Are Nutty and Wild.....LOL

Nutty maybe, wild, not any more :)

Pat@BPM said...

Those blue willow dishes are very nice. There are a couple places where the color ran, but I figured for that price they are fine. The one serving piece I picked up, the divided dish, is marked Made in England. I'd like to have the little tureen and maybe the teapot.

Happy Valentine's Day, Joy! My quiz answer is below.
You Are Spontaneous and Easygoing
You know that life doesn't always go the way you plan, and to be honest, you think that's a beautiful thing.
You are good at letting go of control and seeing what just happens. You don't even try to change the future.

You stress less than most people and really cherish your imperfect life. You may have problems, but you don't let them weigh you down.
You find happiness wherever you can, and because of your attitude, you're able to find happiness in many places.


Hi Joy,
I will have to take the test ~
Happy Valentine's Day!
What a sweet hubby. Mine just picked up burgers from DQ!!!
Your mantle looks great for Valentine's day too.
Deb :)

Lisa said...

That is a really cute test! But do you know what my favorite candy is? Conversation Hearts!!! Not because I like how they taste, I just love how they look. LOL