Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5th

This weekend we had my husband's family over for games and
cards and basically just a catch up on everything family wise.
This is my tiny dining-room packed full of furniture, villages and
my snowman tree. I have a few touches of blue in it.
The top photo is a painting by Hargrove and it is a beautiful
covered bridge. We won that an auction over the summer.
The table cloth is one of my favorites because it looks so festive
and I love the colors.
I will share our village next time.
Have a great week!

for Blue Monday!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love holiday tablecloths and this one is beautiful. Sounds like you had fun! Holiday hugs!

xinex said...

Beautiful festive tablecloth! I am sure you had a lot of fun!...Christine

Jeanne said...

Hi Joy, I love the festive tablecloth. The village edges is certainly different. I haven't set up our village for Christmas yet. I am sure your family gatherings are much like ours. We too play games tell stories and love being together.

Your Hargrove painting is one that I admire. My niece used to sell paintings and Hargrove was a favorite.

Happy Blue Monday,
xo, Jeanne

Melinda said...

Somehow I missed this post.
It is looking quite festive at your house.

Looking forward to your village post.

M : )