Monday, April 25, 2016

Blue Monday, April 25th

\ Joining Jeanne at the Backyard Neighbor Blog for Blue Monday! Counting the days down until our trip to Disney! We can't wait. Lily is especially excited but her Mamma Stephanie is just about as bad. She made us all these shirts - Here we come Mickey! She is such a sweetie! I would not have the talent of patience. Hope you all had a great weekend! Gerry and I went to the flea market. I found a really nice Longaberger magazine basket!

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 28th Blue Monday & Pet Day!

Joining in Blue Monday with Backyard Neighbor --Jeanne

These are the Pets at my house right now.  Chrissy the
black cat (notice the blue quilt on he bed), Tink,
 (sitting on my blue jeans)
the black and white cat and Diamond
my baby beagle.
When my daughter moves out with her little girl
they will take the cats.  Can I tell you that Diamond
and I can't   No the cats are fine I just
can't take them all three in the same room for very long.
Tink and Diamond do not get along well.

Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4th Blue Monday!

Jeanne @ Backyard Neighbor hosts Blue Monday.

My daughter Stephanie helping Lily my grand daughter
with dyeing eggs for the Easter Bunny. They made
some really cool one's this year. She is getting very

Lily hunting in the Backyard by the pond on Easter Morning.

Her Papa lends a hand giving some hints!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Sorry I missed
posting last week. Long story for another day!