Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well I haven't been feeling well for a whole week now.
Had a virus followed by another case of bronchitis. So I haven't been
doing much but reading and watching movies. I did watch "The Memory
Keepers Daughter" on Lifetime tonight. It was a sad movie. A man
gave up his twin daughter born with downes syndrome because of his
memories of growing up with a terminally ill sister. He didn't let
his wife know that he had given up the baby and instead told her
that the baby had died after their son was born. Slowly their marriage
and his life with his son fell apart all because of this secret eating
away at his soul. The nurse who took his baby girl and raised it as her
own was truley a remarkable person in my opinion. Did anyone else catch the
movie or read the book? What did you think?


Tara said...

Hi Joy

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm a big reader, too, so i think I'll have to stop by here nice to meet someone new!


Tara said...

OOps, meant to say I read the book. I could understand the description of the way the world viewed "different" people during the time of the setting of the book but the Dad was such a coward thinking his wife couldn't handle it! She was some lady herself! And the nurse, just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and the birthday wish! Hope you feel better soon.

Sharon said...

That sounds like a very sad story, I have not seen it, but I will watch for it.

Thank you for visiting my blog! You have a lovely blog!

Hugs, Sharon

Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...

Hi Joy!

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I read "The Memory Keepers Daughter" too. What a good book and you're right, so sad!

Have a great evening!

Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...

Hi Joy!

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I read "The Memory Keepers Daughter" too. What a good book and you're right, so sad!

Have a great evening!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Hi Joy!
I hope you're feeling lots better! I haven't seen that movie but it sounds very sad.....I will try to catch it if it comes on again!
Take care & get well!

bj said...

It was on here last Sun. night and I started watching...just got so sad, I couldn't finish it, tho....
Thank you for coming over to see me..pls.come back anytime....
hugs, bj

An Enchanted Cottage said...

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog... Which of my 3 kitties is a twin to yours? Yes, I did watch The Memory Keeper's Daughter and thought it was quite good, yet so sad. SPOILER ALERT... FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN IT OR READ IT, DON'T READ ANY FURTHER!!!!

I truly lost it at the end when the mom and nurse met for the first time, and the daughter split the bouquet in two for them... And when the mom reached out to the nurse, to let her know that she didn't harbor any ill feelings toward her... Oh, my, getting teary-eyed again just thinking about it...

Donna said...

I used to be a big reader. Now I have a kid.

I did try to read this book, honest I did. It just never did grab me. But then again I took your what do you like to read poll and checked non-fiction/biography.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I did see this movie, and found it very sad. What bothered me is that the father thought the woman could "handle" losing her baby at birth but not later. Losing a child, at any age, is heartbreaking.
But an interesting movie; good acting!

Rhonda in OK said...

I watched the movie but have never heard of the book. I liked the movie but it was very sad.
The husband did what he thought would be best, sort of like how we all do. Thankfully our wrong decisions don't always affect so many people.

Thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog, come by anytime!

It is always nice to make a new friend.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh I want to read it..and I did DVR
it ..but I haven't watched it yet..
so I didn't read the whole post..
smiles, Deena