Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall is almost officially upon us!

An Autumn Day
Carmen Lagos Signes
Pumpkins in the cornfields,Gold among the brown,Leaves of rust and scarletTrembling slowly down;Birds taht travel southward,Lovely time to play;Nothing is as pleasantAs an autumn day!


"I love fall! Fall is exciting.It's apples and cider.It's an airborne spider.It's pumpkins in bins.It's burrs on dog's chins.It's wind blowing leaves.It's chilly red knees.It's nuts on the ground.It's a crisp dry sound.It's green leaves turningAnd the smell of them burning.It's clouds in the sky.It's fall. That's why...I love fall."- Author Unknown

What is your favorite season?


Grammy Staffy said...

Fall is my favorite. We have 5 grandchildren ,two children and several friends that were born in the fall....not to count Halloween and fun fun

Lavinia said...

Autumn is my favourite season, definitely......I think many people love this season above all others.