Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kids with their new laptops!



Grammy Staffy said...

Boy, Santa was good to your kids.... and a pink one for Stephanie no less. How nice.

We had to get a lap top for our son when he went to college too. Things have surely changed since I was in college and we didn't even have copy machines or computers. That really dates me doesn't it.
How did we ever survive having to do term papers on a typewriter???

Happy New Year


Hi Joy,
Thanks for visiting me:)
It's hard to have everyone looking good in photos.
I belong to a stamping group and we get together once a month and exchange cards that we make.Each month has a theme. There are 11 of us. It's very to get new ideas and swap cards. I would like to make cards more often...but too busy blogging:)
Deb :)