Thursday, February 19, 2009

Book Club Reads!

I host a book club at our local library and we just finished "Water for Elephants"
by Sara Gruen. It went really well. The ladies really liked the story of Jacob
and his days with the circus train. It starts with him as a 93 yr. old man in a nursing home
recounting his days during the depression era traveling with the circus.
Very interesting with a touch of mystery too. Next talk is on "The Hindi Bindi Club". Sort or reminds me of an Indian version of of Amy Tan's "The Joy Luck Club".
We get together once a month and have met now for about
3 years. It is great to be a part of such a nice group of ladies.
Now I don't understand but when I post this the message will not look like it does now
so if someone can tell me how to post more in a paragraph form I would appreciate it.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love learning about new books and authors I have not read! I'll put these books on my list and head to the library! Thanks!

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

I was at the library last night looking for an audio book to take on my trip. They have the coolest little audio book gadgets called Playaways. The book is already loaded on it, so all you have to do is plug your headphones in and turn it on. It's such a new thing, though, that their selection is quite limited so far. One of my choices was Water for Elephants. I almost got it, but decided on something else. I'll have to check it out next time I need an audio book!

Fireproof is a great movie! I highly recommend it. I expect you'll enjoy it!

Linda said...

I love to read and both of these are going on my list. Have you read Firefly Lane? I just finished it. I liked it but it was a tear jerker. I'm going to read a cozy mystery next..have a good weekend...hugs, Linda

p.s. That is such a sweet kitty picture...I love it.

Grammy Staffy said...

Thanks for the tips. I always love reading a good book. I have 2 going on right now but I will check these out once I finish the 2 I am reading now.

I hope that this finds you well. We just got home from Utah and Idaho. I had a great week with my blog friend, Marie. I wish that I could meet you one day too.

Have a good weekend, Lura

Dina said...

Hi Joy,

Yes luckily I have weekends off, but they go by very quickly since I watch my grandkids. I love to spend time w/them but time flies by.

Thanks for dropping by. :)

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Hi Joy - thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I do like to read but honestly - I love to craft more. So I know I need to read more often but I jus' can't help it - gotta paint and sew and glue and all that fun stuff. As for your question about the paragraph form - when you are composing your post - see if you can left align your paragraphs and see if that gets them straight. Hope it works! Have a great week! Cathy

Jeanne Oliver said...

I miss bookclub. I used to be in one for years. I think I may have to start a new one. The littlest one is big enough and I need it. Thanks for stopping by.

Miss Gracie's House said...

I love those new birthday dishes! Very cute!