Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend Reading!

Join Southern Daydreamer Reads and tell us what you are reading this weekend!
Whatever it is or whatever your doing I hope you have a great weekend!

Currently Reading:
The Rest of her life by Laura Moriarty

Last Read: True love and other disasters by Rachel Gibson

Up next:A single thread by Marie Bostwick

Books read in July!
41. Knock Out by Catherine Coulter
4.5 out of 5
42. Into the Fire by Suzanne Brockmann
4 out of 5
43.House calls and Hitching Posts
Dr. Elton Lehman's Career Among the Amish by Elton Lehman
3.75 out of 5
44. Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg
4 out of 5
45. Rescue me by Christy Reece
4 out of 5


Connie said...

Hey sweetpea, just got back from our used book store with some books to read but I go through them pretty fast so I was wondering if you could recommend any good mystery writers. Just let me know. I love mystery and espionage book, honey!!!

Linda said...

Hi have some good reads there. I'm reading The Runaway Quilt the 4th book in the Elm Creek Quilt series...I'm really enjoying these books. Between reading, stitching and an occassional garage sale I'm having a great summer. Hope your summer is a happy one too...hugs, Linda

Melissa Miller said...

Sounds like good reads Joy.
I need to order some new books and I'll check them out on Amazon tonight.

Thanks for your kind visit today.
Check out my birthday giveaway on Sunday evening if you have time.

Have a great weekend my friend.
~Melissa :)

Bellamere Cottage said...

Holy're a READING MACHINE! Wow! I only take time to read for a few minutes before I go to sleep every night, so it takes me forever to finally finish a book.... These look like good reads.


Connie said...

I need some good recommendations for mystery writers, sugar. Got any?

Joy said...

Hi Connie, I thought I left some suggestions on your blog but I like Mary Higgins Clark, Ruth Rendall, Pat Cornwall, Lisa Scottolini, Agatha Christie,
Dianne Mott Davidson and many more..