Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My husband has quite the green thumb so every year especially during the
summer we seem to accumulate more plants. And of course some of these
have to be dug up and brought in or rehoused. Well here are just a few
of mine in the diningroom. I think they make the space so much smaller
not to mention all the little critters, dust and leaves they bring with them.
Some of them are still blooming pretty flowers.
Even during the holidays it is hard to find room for them when I have my decorations
and such out. My Christmas tree is even smaller than some of these babies...lol


Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! Joy you do have some gorgeous plants. Watch out one may end up in my living room soon. HeHe!

I'm so glad you liked the tiny teacup lamp. Gloria's a sweetie.

Many blessings my friend,
~Melissa :)

Diane said...

wow....a lot of plants. I brought my hibiscus plants in from the deck too, and now i have tiny black bugs flying around...ughhhh

Sarah said...

I wish I was blessed with a green thumb like that!