Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Halloween Bowl and Chrissys Vet visit!

Just got back with Chrissy (Chris) the black cat from the vet. He is "Johnny Dangerous" according to my
He did get his nails trimmed and they did test his blood because we let him outside.
Not sure that was necessary but she said it was recommended if we let him outside.
And got his rabies and distemper shot. What is that for anyway? It was over 150.00 - geez. According to them in our county cats have to get rabies once a year. What about where you live? The poor lady vet was huffing
and puffing after she came back in and said she was actually sweating.
I told her she got her workout for the day. He's good to go for another year.
He is back home and happy to he king of the house again.
I found him napping on my bed and snapped this picture. Salsa is also napping on
the couch. I was happy she hopped up there since she has not been doing that lately with her arthritis. Poor ole girl.
I bought a cute book "Just a Matter of Thyme" a collection of recipes from
Roxie Kelley and very nicely illustrated by Shelly Reeves Smith. I got it
for 2.00 from the friends of the library, what a bargain!
I got another good deal on this Longaberger Halloween Bowl it is black and has
ghost, pumpkins and witches around the rim and then orange with
"boo" sporadically written inside. Well off to read a bit before work, have a great


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Joy, what delightful pics....each one makes me smile!

Barb ♥

Diane said...

Lovely photos. Cats and dogs here must get rabies vaccines every other year. This even applies to indoor only pets. Vets can refuse to treat if not vaccinated I believe.

Darlene said...

Awwww Chrissy is too cute and so is Salsa!!!! My cat Tangie gives the vet a run for their money. Hissing, biting and carrying on something fierce whenever she has to go!

Our animals have to have rabies shots each year too.

LOVE the bowl!

Melissa Miller said...

~Ah! Joy look at those cute little babies. I'm so glad they are doing okay. I'm sorry about her arthritis though. Poor sweetie.

Enjoy your Holiday weekend!
~Melissa :)