Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick-Clean Your Computer

As much as I use my PC.. I really need to keep up with it's care. Hope
you find some of these tips from Good Housekeeping helpful.
Quick-Clean Your Computer

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I am looking forward to being off Saturday, maybe there will be a few garage sales
going on. Also, still trying to get ready for the company coming on Easter.
We will be having my side of the family over and about 6 little one's will be
hunting Easter eggs. How are you celebrating Easter this year?

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Linda said...

Hi Joy.....thank you for the link on computer care, good hints and now I know the safe way to clean my screen.

Your family Easter gathering sounds nice, I love to watch the fun little ones have hunting eggs. We're having dinner here...there will be three of us, with lots of phone calls to our family in Texas. Carl's brother might be visiting not sure at this point....have fun this weeekend, hope you find a few neat garage sales...hugs, Linda