Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Smiling Sally's Blue Monday Meme

This is my son Matthew and his fiance, Patty.  They are getting married almost
a month from today.  They will be living with us for awhile until they both find
full time jobs with benefits. Or at least one of them, anyway. So it will be a full house
with my daughter Stephanie and her little one Lily living here as well. They are all great kids
and I love them all so it should be a breeze, right?? 
This is a photo of them at the rehearsal dinner for a couple of friends of their's who
got married a month or so ago. Matthew's shirt is light blue. Hard to tell in this photo
but I just love Patty's dress.
Have a great week!


Jeannie Marie said...

What a nice looking couple! Best wishes on their upcoming wedding!

SmilingSally said...


Oh, young love. They look so happy. I wish them a long, loving marriage.

Thanks for sharing this happy blue.

Happy Blue Monday!

Little Wandering Wren said...

Hi Joy
Well your house looks like it will be as busy as ours - hope you have posted a roster for the washing up!!!
It is lovely to have a full, happy home. Congratulations to Mathew and Patty.

Wishing you all a great Blue Monday week.


Jeanne said...

Hi Joy, thank you for your visit yesterday. I am a day late but thank the good Lord I am not a dollar short. Smile.

How wonderful there will be a wedding soon. When family is together it is a good thing. What a beautiful couple. And, Patty's dress is
beautiful. Congratulations to them both for their upcoming wedding.
xo, Jeanne