Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Diamond dreaming of a white Christmas!

Don't you wonder what your animals are thinking or dreaming at times?
Her little paws were just twitching away!
Can't believe she will be a year on December 30th


Melinda said...

Yes, it is fun to watch them
and wonder what is going on
in their heads.

M :)

Eileen said...

Oh, that is so precious! Too, too cute. I often wonder what's going on in my Emily's head. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Jackie Bouchard said...

So cute! I love beagles!

Thanks for stopping by Pooch Smooches. You asked about how to join the blog hop - it's pretty easy. There's a tutorial on the BlogPaws site. Hope I don't get spammed out for leaving you a URL in this comment, but here's the link:

bookbunny68 said...

Such a cute picture!

Yolanda said...

You are my kind of blogger I love dogs and books. I am so glad to have found you here and diamond is so cute.