Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6th

Smiling Sally Blue Monday Meme

This weekend we got quite the snow storm and record breaking
low temps.  I think we measured ten inches in our backyard.  Our
little koi pond is pretty much frozen. Plus the library where I work is closed so I get
a snow day. 
We did get to one estate sale before the bad weather hit. It was packed
and I found this little blue hob nail bell.  Maybe I can ring it when dinner is
ready to be served...hahaha


SmilingSally said...

Hi Joy,

I'm glad you have a day off, and I'm glad that your fish somehow will survive this cold, cold weather.

I really love your BLUE glass! Thanks for sharing.

(As soon as I leave this comment, I'll put a photo up for you.)

Have a Happy Blue Monday.

Karen said...

Oh, I really like the bell, it's delicate looking.
Yes, I take all of the photos on my blog "Pixel Posts". Thanks for dropping by.

Laura said...


Lola said...


Many thanks for visiting!

Melinda said...

Quite pretty.
We had an extra day of Winter break,
no school due to the frigid wind chill.

Stay warm!

M : )

Hannah said...

Beautiful blue glass bell! I love blue glass. I have a chicken dish like your milk glass one, mine is golden and iridesdent. I hope your Koi are doing OK under the ice.

RobinfromCA said...

I'm glad you got a snow day in that freezing weather! Stay warm!

Jeanne said...

Hello Joy, I am back from a holiday blog break. it is nice to be visiting you again.

That is a lot of snow. A snow day is a good thin. Smile. It is -5 here in the mountains tonight. However, very little snow.

Your blue bell is so sweet. a good find for sure.

Happy 2014 to you and yours.
xo, Jeanne

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It looks like a winter wonderland! Hope you're warm and snug. I love your new banner! It's perfect! Hugs!