Monday, March 21, 2016

More Easter and Blue Monday

Jeanne @ Backyard Neighbor hosts Blue Monday.

Here are a few of my Easter decorations. Of
course most of them have a little blue in them.
I love decorating for all the holidays!
This weekend we bought a corner hutch but it was too big
for our kitchen corner so we put it in the basement.
I did try to tell my dear husband that but of course he would
not listen. He had to have it.
The tag in the inside said it was over thousand dollars new
but we paid only 75 dollars for it.
So it now houses the steins my husband has been collecting.

Most of my decorations I get from Estate Sales, Flea Markets,
Re-Sale shops and Michaels.
My least favorite part is putting it all away.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the vintage things we find at sales. Makes it fun to decorate! Happy Spring! hugs, Diane

Jeanne said...

Hi Joy, I love the price you paid for the corner hutch. I bet the steins look great. Big smile here.

The egg tree is very festive and I must get my Easter stuff from the attic. My decorations are also thrift purchase from many years of collecting. I too do not like putting everything away. We have a lot in common. :)

Thank you for joining Blue Monday at Backyard Neighbor.
xo, Jeanne

LV said...

I do not decorate anymore, but enjoy seeing what others do. Your Easter sharing is so cute.

bj said...

I love all the stuff and, like you, I hate having to put it all away..I have my decorating down to Christmas....the rest of the holidays are pretty much celebrated at our house with a vase or two of fresh flowers. So much easier...I've learned to buy only what I think I can't live without at thrift stores..haven't been to a garage sale in 3 years.....


I agree that putting it away isn't as fun as putting it up.
Fun Easter tree and nice decor on the mantle.
Easter Blessings.

Melinda said...

Looks so festive!

I'm there with you on putting away.
I put out a few things but not much.
This St. Patrick's and Easter in the
same moth throws me off.

Enjoy your Easter!

M : )

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